FAQs - Cashback & Referral Program - Refer & Earn Referral Income

  • 1. What is this Referral Program?

    This is World's first E-Commerce Linked Accelerated Income Referral Program (ECLAIRP). That means this Unique Referral Program enables You to benefit even when Others Buy through our Cashback Links (So no more being Jealous of your friend's shopping because everytime they buy, you earn Referral Commission !)
  • 2. What is E-commerce and Cashback?

    Ecommerce means the Online Retail Market. Some big E-commerce Websites are Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Amazon, etc. When ever someone buys something from Online Website, that is E-Commerce transaction.

    Cashback means wheneven you buy something through our links. We return "back" some amount ("Cash") to you pertaining to your purchase. This is over and above any Discounts or offers which is availed at the website that you buy from. Thus Cashback is Extra Dsicount on your purchase.
  • 3. I still don't understand how Cashback and Referral Program are linked?

    We have Integrated Three components: (i) Cashback, (ii) Referral program and (iii) Six Levels into this Unique Program.

    When You tell someone (your Friends, Relatives or acquaintances) about us, We want to Reward you for your effort. Thus when your Referred person (your 1st Level referral) Uses & benefits from our Cashbacks, then we Reward You by giving you some Amount, pertaining to their purchase, in form of 'Referral Cashback' to you.

    Not only that, when this referrad person refers 'someone else'(your 2nd Level referral) and that 'someone else' uses our Cashbacks, then You and your Referred person both also get some amounts as 'Referral Cashback'. You keep getting this 'Referral Cashback' even when your 6th Referral Level person uses our Cashbacks !
  • 4. How will this give me Unlimied Income?

    Very Good question.... Let us tell you about E-commerce first !

    E-Commerce market in India is currently about Rs.70 Thousand Crores (Rs.7,00,00,00,00,000 !!). This market is growing at more than 30% annually and is pegged to reach Rs.4.5 Lakh Crores (Rs.45,00,00,00,00,000) by year 2020.

    This means more and more people like us are turning to Online medium for their buying needs. On an average, every person has minimum 3 people in thier circle, who have bought something online. The Average purchase by Online users is Rs.500 and is increasing by around 20% every year.

    So you see, E-commerce has a lot of growth potential now and even more in coming years. We saw this potential and converted it into an Income Opportunity for You !

    You can simply have people as your referrals and Earn whenever your Referred people buy Online and that too upto your 6th Referred Level's buying. This multiple level program Multiplies your Referral Cashabcks into huge amounts. This amount keeps on increasing endlessly as more and more people buy online and their online buying amounts increase. So, as the E-Commerece market increases, so does your income...exponentially !
  • 5. "Huge Income"...Dosn't seem real ! Is it ?

    Yes, we know it does not seem possible. But the Incredible thing is that it's Possible !

    It's possible because it is Linked to an amazingly expanding E-Commerce market ! When we noticed that E-commerce market is growing at an explosive rate. We started to ponder how it can be beneficial for common people like You. Then we stumbled on the idea of integrating the power of Multiple levels of Referrals into the E-commerce market's growth stream. We were amazed at the magnitude of numbers that were generated. At first it seemed unreal, but when we chekced again and again, we were pleasantly surprised by the factual potential.

    We are proud and happy to tell you that this "Huge Income" is very much true & possible.
  • 6. My friends tell me that these things are not real. What should I do?

    It's Human Nature that our previuos experiences and other's opinions have led us to beleive that Good things do not really happen. Well truthfully we also felt the same. That is why we have gone over every aspect of this powerful program to ensure that this program gives you actual results.

    We only tell the facts about the E-commerce market that this program is based upon and integrated into. Thus we are merely harnessing the growth of e-commerce to give you some share of that market as "Referral Cashbacks".

    You can only try it out to believe it's true power. The best part is that it's completely FREE !

    You won't spend anything for enrolling into this powerful program. Not only that, you don't have to buy anything for getting the benefits of this program. Even if only your referrals buy online, you still get "Referral Cashback" for thier buying. So you see it's a WIN WIN situation for everyone.

    So, when you don't have to spend anything, you are not losing anything....Only Gaining...Only Profits !

    Hence when your friends tell you something negative, just let them know that this is Pure profits without any investment, so there is no question of any loss.
  • 7. Ohh...Is this one of those 'Multi level schemes'?

    This is not a 'scheme'. Let us briefly explain why.

    Firstly, you don't have to pay any hefty enrollment fee or buy those introductory kits & products to start. This program is completely FREE. The 'Multi-level schemes' thrive on the introduction money which is distributed to your upline. The introductory products or kits are heavily overpriced to compensate for such distribution. They want you to sell those introductory kits to your friends on prospects of big income. But when you can not sell these kits because not all your friends want to Invest any money, then the scheme starts to fail and you feel cheated, since you yourself had Invested money in the scheme.

    This is the biggest and most important difference in those 'schemes' and our Program. We have taken the best parts of the referral programs and integrated them into the growth potential of E-commerce market, with only one intent and that is to make you benefit from the hugely expanding E-commerce market. There is No Enrollment Fee or any other Investment for benefiting from this program. Whenever you read or hear about the great growth story of E-commerce, you tend to feel that it is only others who are actually benefitting from such growth. But we want our users to feel connected to this growth story, so we devised this program so that you can also feel and grow with the E-commerce market's growth. You can too make profits when this market makes profits. That is the purpose behind this program.

    Secondly, Those 'Schemes' make you Invest money and do not give any benefit to you at time of enrollment but our program does not need you to Invest and it gives you benefit when you use it yourself (Savings as Cashbacks). Since everyone who buys through us gets additions Discount as Cashabcks, people benefit by Saving on their online shopping. So people are automatically attracted to join this program, which gives them Savings and Additionally also Income.

    Thirdly, since more and more people are turning to the Online shopping medium to fulfill their buying needs, you will find it easier to actually get more referrals who are buying online and thus generating income for you in form of 'Referral Cashback'. In case of those 'schemes' it is very difficult to get people to join because of high joining costs and no direct discounts to people themselves.

    So you see it is not at all a 'scheme', but a well structured program which is Integrated into the Cashback system to maximise your earning in tune with Online market growth.
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