FREE Coupons/Cashback API


Ecommerce in India is currently around $16 billion growing at rate of 35%. If you have a website and want to become a part of this growing E-commerce market & Earn more Income from it by offering Coupons Offers or even Cashbacks on Leading Online brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra and more than 70 such brands, Then simply send us a mail at

Commissions on sales through Free Coupons API range from 0.05% to 4%. These are different for every Merchant/Products/services.

If your customers avail cashback from your website through our FREE Cashback API, You will earn 25% of the cashback they get. Eg: if they buy some apparel which gives them a Cashback of Rs.200, then you will earn 25%, that is Rs.50 !!

That means if you have 2000 visitor/registered users & if average online purchase by each is Rs.500 per month. Averagely generates an additional income of Rs.6000 - Rs.10,000 per month !

1. Your Website is registered with us for giving Cashback Offers.
2. We will require you to honour the commitment to disburse the cashbacks to your customers.

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Brands Available:

Brands Available